A person accused of a crime should have the best possible representation – period. Our team is skilled in handling cases including drunk driving (OWI), domestic violence, traffic offenses, drug offenses, juvenile offenses, sexual assault, white-collar crimes, and all other criminal and ordinance matters in municipal court, state court and federal court.

We have the ability to aggressively litigate cases, but we are also skilled negotiators. The ability to proficiently negotiate a criminal matter is invaluable. Not every case should go to trial, and in these circumstances, the ability to negotiate a favorable plea deal is critical to protect the individual’s future. We have created solutions that result in favorable dispositions that are oftentimes less expensive and more certain than going to trial.

Our three-attorney team of criminal practice attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience in helping individuals who have been charged with crimes or facing potential charges; juveniles facing delinquency petitions, and witnesses in criminal proceedings. Our firm also has other attorneys with specialized knowledge in areas that may be the specific subject of criminal proceedings such as tax, environmental, administrative and business matters to assist our criminal law team.

The Role of an Attorney in All of These Matters  

While it is likely the first time you may find yourself in such a situation, every case, every person, and every event is unique and different.  Each situation needs special attention and hard work.

As experienced attorneys in these areas, we can help you navigate this confusing, frightening and consequential process. Over the years, we have established respected professional relationships with investigators, prosecutors and the courts. Each of these components in the system have wide-ranging discretion as to how these cases are charged or not charged, how they proceed through the system, and, ultimately, their disposition. Representation by competent, experienced and respected counsel makes this process more understandable, less stressful, and almost always results in a more favorable end result.

We are happy to discuss how we can help you.