University Discipline

The University of Wisconsin and other local colleges and universities often impose separate penalties for activities engaged in by their students (both on and off campus) if those authorities decide the activities affect the safety of other students.  This discipline can be imposed separately from any criminal penalties, and the schools are allowed to require a much lower burden of proof to impose penalties.  The consequences of these penalties can significantly affect a student’s future.  A few examples are below:

Underage Drinking: An underage drinking ticket can result in both monetary penalties and points off your license. You also may be subject to University/school discipline. The discipline could include, but not be limited to, academic probation, suspension or expulsion (including expulsion from on-campus housing). If you have more than one underage drinking ticket, the penalties could be much more severe.

Drug possession (ticket or misdemeanor charges):  As with an underage drinking tickets, controlled substance charges can result in monetary penalties, an impact on your driving privileges, and can also cause University/school discipline including not only the discipline listed above but also further criminal penalties including possible jail sentences or loss of school loan eligibility.

Drug possession (felony)/Sex Offenses In addition to the consequences you could face for a ticket or misdemeanor charges, felony charges such as drug possession or sale or allegations of sexual assault could result not only in criminal charges, but also school disciplinary action that could affect a young person even if the allegations do not result in a criminal conviction. Your actions (or inactions) during the period of time immediately following University notification of an investigation or issuance of charges is critical. We recommend that you hire a lawyer as soon as possible so that you have an experienced and knowledgeable advocate to ensure that your interests are represented throughout the disciplinary and criminal process.

Anything you say in this process can and will be used against you by both University investigators and detectives from the local law enforcement agency. The completed University investigation will also be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office once the case has been referred for a possible charging decision.

We are based in Madison, near the University and other college campuses. We have successfully represented other students that found themselves involved in disciplinary proceedings and/or criminal charges as a result of drinking behavior, sexual offense or drug involved allegations. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you and are ready to be your advocate.