White Collar Crimes

Financial crimes or “white collar” crimes are taken very seriously by state and federal law enforcement. This is because these crimes can be very harmful to society.  For those accused of such crimes, even a public allegation can destroy a person’s credit, business, reputation, and financial stability. That is why it is important to get experienced counsel involved immediately to try to prevent charges and/or minimize damage.

Defending financial crimes require extensive defense investigation as well as supporting experts.  These are necessary to properly defend against the charges and because these types of cases are very complex.  White-collar cases require a great deal of experience to effectively and efficiently analyze the vast amount of documents that comprise the evidence.  This analysis is critical to identify possible defenses.

We have also represented businesses that have been victims of white-collar crime.  We have assisted them in restitution requests, document production, and witness representation. Not all criminal defense attorneys have this knowledge base, which is why it is imperative to hire someone who does.  Our team has this knowledge and we are willing to help.